Spring Tide Borjlind, Borjlind

Spring Tide - Borjlind, Borjlind
Автор: Borjlind Cilla, Borjlind Rolf
Переводчик: Bradbury Rod
Издательство: Penguin, 2017 г.
  • Научный редактор: Гарнист Карп Ильич
  • Верстка: Петрованов Нил Давыдович
  • Корректор: Тимофейчук Ларион Авдеевич
  • Страниц: 689
  • Формат: fb2, pdf,txt

О книге "Spring Tide"
In the dead of night on a beach on Nordkoster, Sweden, a young boy, hidden in the dunes, watches as three men bury a woman up to her neck in sand. Screaming in terror, the victim takes her last breath as water fills her nose and mouth - in her stomach, she feels her baby kick. And her waters break.
Twenty-four years later, as a fresh crime wave sweeps Stockholm, young police student Olivia Ronning is examining cold cases and selects the still-unsolved beach crime for her next project. Little does she know the danger she faces and the ugly truths she risks uncovering.
First in a series by critically acclaimed scriptwriters Cilia and Rolf Borjlind, whose television credits include twenty-six Martin Beck films, the Swedish adaptation of Wallander and TV series Arne Dahl. Скачать Spring Tide Borjlind, Borjlind.

  • Spring Tide Borjlind, Borjlind

  • Spring Tide Borjlind, Borjlind
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