Kidnapped Robert Stevenson

Kidnapped - Robert Stevenson
Автор: Стивенсон Роберт Льюис
Издательство: Oxford, 2011 г.
Серия: Oxford children`s classics
Выпускающий редактор: Прудко Борис Игнатьевич
Главный художник: Мухтар Феодосий Фокич
Корректор: Пахолюк Руслан Станиславович
Кол-во страниц: 654
Формат: pdf, txt, fb2

Описание к книге "Kidnapped"
If you love a good story, then look no further. Oxford Children's Classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. They're books to treasure and return to again and again.
When orphan David Balfour is betrayed by his Uncle Ebenezer, he finds himself imprisoned on the Covenant and bound for the Carolinas. But the ship hits some rocks and is wrecked. David is thrown overboard and washed up on the shore of a Scottish island.
Together with fellow survivor, the wanted rebel, Alan Breck, David sets off across the treacherous highlands on a quest for justice . . . and revenge! Скачать Kidnapped Robert Stevenson.

  • Kidnapped Robert Stevenson

  • Kidnapped Robert Stevenson
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